Humans No.1 – a look at Jess Roden’s collaborators – Gary Grainger

5 03 2008

Gary Grainger

Gary Grainger first came to prominence with a band called STRIDER, whose first release on GM records “Exposed” is an undiscovered classic. Mixing original songs with heavy reworkings of old classics such as “Higher and Higher” and “Get Ready”, it is surprising that it didn’t break the band into the big time. With Gary’s guitar prominent, and successful tours with The Faces, however, it was no surprise that, following STRIDER’S second release “Misunderstood”, and it’s subsequent failure to set the charts alight, despite some great songs and a new singer, Gary left for the States as axeman to a certain Mr.Stewart’s escalating solo career. Far more than just a side man, Gary proved to be a valuable and successful songwriter, helping to co-write classics such as “Hot Legs”, “I was only joking” and “Passion”.

Returning to Britain, Gary worked with a number of big names, including B.A. Robertson and Paul Young, which saw him re-uniting with his former STRIDER band mate Ian Kewley, who, via the Q-Tips, had become a mainstay of Paul Young’s band. Gary also got heavily involved in writing jingles and TV themes.

In 1991, with Jess Roden and Jim Capaldi, he formed The Humans, releasing one classic album, that featured a guest appearance from Capaldi’s former Traffic band mate, Steve Winwood on the track “Railroad of Desire” .With just one more album “live at the Robin” released, fans wait in hope for the return of The Humans.

More recently, Gary is to be found playing with Kenney Jones, Rick Wills and Robert Hart in The Jones Gang.

Gary Graingergary grainger now

Kev Moore


Jess Roden’s collaborative Humans!

4 03 2008

Jess Roden

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of views and interaction generated by my unsung heroes post featuring Jess. it confirms what I’ve thought all along, that he remains a much-loved performer. So I’ve decided to begin a short series dedicated to revealing a little more about Jess’s collaborators during his long and varied career. each post will focus on one individual. the first, coming your way soon, will concentrate on guitarist Gary Grainger, a mainstay of Roden’s last serious band, The Humans. WATCH THIS SPACE!

Kev Moore

Jess Roden