Jess Roden’s collaborative Humans!

4 03 2008

Jess Roden

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of views and interaction generated by my unsung heroes post featuring Jess. it confirms what I’ve thought all along, that he remains a much-loved performer. So I’ve decided to begin a short series dedicated to revealing a little more about Jess’s collaborators during his long and varied career. each post will focus on one individual. the first, coming your way soon, will concentrate on guitarist Gary Grainger, a mainstay of Roden’s last serious band, The Humans. WATCH THIS SPACE!

Kev Moore

Jess Roden




13 responses

11 06 2008
Steve Webb

Glad to see something about Jess on the net.. worked with him in the Jess Roden Band. Some unreleased trax on my website.
Great, great singer!

12 06 2008

Steve, a very warm welcome! Great to see you on here – I remember
seeing you guys at Kedleston Road College, Derby back in the 70´s when I was just staring out as a musician. I´m currently touring around Portugal, but be sure I´ll check out the unreleased stuff on your site when I´m home in Spain. I notice you´ve a Finnish suffix on your email – I spent some time over there around 1979 – both my band and John Miles were playing Oulu – know it?

12 06 2008
Steve Webb

Xcellent! John Cartwright the bassist from the JRB is still making great music.. he’s on myspace/john I think..Oulu, yes I played that festival in 98… lots of mosquitos.. bitten to the bone! have a great tour .. all the best, Steve

23 07 2008
Chris Cartwright (The Fat Kid)

I’m glad to see that Jeremy has at last become a rock legend, he is possibly the most under rated talent of his era. I’ve followed his career with great interest and have often thought of trying to get in touch with him over the years. There was a time long before he started to sing that we were kids together, he lived in the next street in Kidderminster.

23 07 2008

Many thanks for your reminiscences, Chris!

27 07 2008
cado alain

hi,im remenber jess at the new inn liege belgium with the alan bown set you must have 16 years old man i can tell you my surprise your one with winwood o’malley f miller well enough! hope to see you there s a club in verviers the spirit 66 welcome!!

27 07 2008

Thanks for your comment Alain, I think I may have even played at the Spirit of 66 myself, with Graham Olivers Saxon some years back! You mention O’Malley – would that be Tony O’Malley of Kokomo? He has such a great voice too!

26 10 2008

I’ve been searching for John Cartwright as I knew him briefy in 1969 when he was staying at his sister’s house in Somerset. He had a 4 track B&O tape and recorded me when I was 15, it was an amazing experience. Years later I heard he was with JRB then nothing

26 10 2008

Arvid, check out I think you’ll find John there!

26 10 2008

Brilliant. Thankyou so much!

12 02 2009
KEn Fleck

Where is Jess Roden Today?

25 02 2009

Jess is currently retired from the music business, living in the south of England and working as a graphic designer.

28 04 2009

my cousin had the obligatory Aussie pilgrimage to London in the 70’s and she brought back Jess’ first album. i’ve been a fan ever since, bought all the releases under his and bands name. cant get Live at the Robin. pity. one of the great blues/soul voices. shame he’s retreated from the scene but i guess you can only see lesser nobs make it ahead of you for so long. for those who post here who know him pass on that his talent reached further than he might have imagined. chheers

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