The Jess Roden Poll

19 11 2008

I am very proud and pleased to note that, as a result of my creating this blog, there has been some interest in the possibility of a Jess Roden Compilation being sanctioned for release. With that in mind , I have introduced a poll, based on some of my ideas for tracks, and I want to get some feedback from people so we might be heard by the powers that be. Speaking for myself, my only aim is to see Jess’s music out there and available. There is so much of his work that has until now been passed over for CD release. I have no agenda, other than seeing good music see the light of day. Please participate, and feel free to make your own suggestions. You can only vote for one song – so make it count!

You will notice there are 2 other categories, one will allow you to leave your own suggestion. The other ‘other’ is if you can’t make up your mind! GET VOTING!!

Kev Moore



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