Unsung Heroes No.8 – Joyce “Baby Jean” Kennedy

3 12 2008
Joyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy

Joyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy

Back in the musical melting-pot of the early 70’s there was a lot of experimentation going on with different kinds of Fusion, Out of the Heavy bands of the late 60’s and the funk and soul acts of the same era, musicians began creating something greater than the sum of its parts: Funk Rock. Undisputed pioneers of this genre were Atlanta’s Mother’s Finest – a multi-racial band that featured serious grooves, rock guitar – and the unmistakable powerhouse vocals of Baby Jean Kennedy. Criminally underrated as a singer, she and the band, which also features husband Glenn Murdoch as co-vocalist nevertheless enjoy a massive loyal following that remain with them to this day. Admired by countless musicians, a single show for Rockpalast in Germany in 1978 ensured them everlasting cult status. Never ones to shy away from controversy, titles like “Niggizz can’t snag rock’n’roll” and “Black radio won’t play this record” testify to their struggle against the musical pigeon-holing which affects so many of these crossover bands.

The plain fact is, like Living Colour, Dan Reed Network and Glenn Hughes – people shouldn’t waste time trying to work out what it is. It is what it is, man! Now crank those guitars, get into the groove and thrill to Baby Jean’s glorious voice!

Kev Moore




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15 07 2010

What is her zodiac sign?

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