Jess Roden: The Recognition he deserves…..

13 08 2009

I’m posting today about a singer who has inspired and influenced me since I was around 14 years old. Hardly a week has passed in the last 37 years when I haven’t listened to a track by this most underrated, yet supremely gifted of British vocalists. I’m talking about Jess Roden.  Several years ago, I was moved to create a thread about him and his work, with the hope that it would introduce others to this great singer. My wishes were fulfilled, and more. It became a meeting place for Roden afficionados, fans returning to the fold like so many prodigal sons, amazed and delighted to find that their love of Jess’s music was shared by many, and with equal enthusiasm. The thread grew into a blog in it’s own right, with hundreds of comments being left from fans all over the world. It introduced me to a number of key figures in Jess’s life, including his brother, and Neil Storey, of Island records. I also believe it created the momentum for the release earlier this year of the first “best of” Jess Roden compilation on CD, and the possible tracklisting was discussed at length on the thread.

In the meantime, Neil Storey, who as well as having worked at the legendary label, is also a friend of Jess’s, undertook to create a website in his name. It is now launched and marks the continuing renaissance of this masterful vocalist in the public consciousness. So today, I would like to publicly thank both Nick and NBeil for their friendship and kindness, not to mention their hard work, and invite you all to visit the new site:


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by Kev Moore