Jess Roden – The Fantasy Boxed Set?

31 03 2010

Most of you know how much I champion the cause of Jess, who for my money is in the top three British vocalists of all time.  Not to long ago, our efforts throughout the blogosphere led to a raised awareness of this great singer, and the long overdue release of The Best of Jess Roden CD. But I now pose the question: “Can this man’s eclectic career really be done justice on just a single volume?”

I decided to indulge in an exercise – The hypothetical compilation of a definitive boxed set that would highlight Jess’s career in all its forms. I’m calling it the The Jess Roden Fantasy Boxed Set and I’m splitting it into 4 distinct volumes:

Jess Roden Solo

2 The Jess Roden Band

3 Jess and his bands – (Alan Bown,Bronco,Butts Band,Rivits,Seven Windows, The Humans)

4 Jess guest appearances – (Luther Grosvenor, Peter Green, Grace Jones, SAS Band, Sandy Denny, Keef Hartley, Back Street Crawler)

My track listing would be as follows, bearing in mind that I would avoid repeat tracks from the ‘Best of’ CD, making it a great companion piece:

CD 1

Ferry Cross

On Broadway

Feelin’ Easy

Trouble in the Mind

Misty Roses

The Quiet Sound of You and I


Hardest Blow

Prime Time Love

Brand New Start

Bird of Harlem

One World, One People


Can’t get next to you

Stay in Bed

U.S. Dream

Mama Roux

In a Circle (alternate version)

If you don’t get what you want (unreleased)

Can’t get by without you (unreleased)

Raise your hand (unreleased)

Honey don’t worry (unreleased)

Yes indeed (unreleased)

Ratrace (unreleased)


Gonna Fix you good

Still as Stone

Strange little friend

Lazy Now

New Day Avenue


Sweet Danger

Baja Bus

Love your Brother

Oo she do

Future Soon

Red Light On

Shakey’s got the blues

Light Brown Colour


So Fine, So Young

You’d Better believe it baby

If it takes just a little while


Cryin’ won’t bring you back

Fire down below

I wanna be free

Losing game


Australian Lady

I Know Something

I’m Ready

Okay, that’s as far as I’ve got!  Hoping to get another few possibilities for the ‘guest vocal’ CD  – any thoughts folks? Or indeed, what would be your own Jess fantasy box set? Let me know!

Kev Moore




6 responses

3 04 2010
Alan Ellsmore

Hi Kev,

just like to dd, I really like the Alan Bown side of Live at the Marquee, would like to suggest Emergency 999 and or Headline news from this album, difficult isn’t it?

Also, a bit of other info for hard to get tracks:

Compilation appearances have included: ‘Baby Don’t Push Me’ on ‘The R&B Era, Vol. 2’ (LP & CD); ‘All I Can Do’ on ‘Broken Dreams, Vol. 6’ (LP); ‘Emergency 999’ on ‘Doin’ The Mod, Vol. 1’ (CD); ‘Baby Don’t Push Me’ and ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Alright’ on ‘Doin’ The Mod, Vol. 2’ (CD); ‘I Really Really Care’ on ‘Echoes From The Wilderness – Sixteen UK R&B Freakbeat Trippers’ (LP & CD); ‘Can’t Let Her Go’ and ‘I’m The One on Footsteps To Fame, Vol. 2’ (CD).

Taken from The Tapestry of Delights – The Comprehensive Guide to British Music of the Beat, R&B, Psychedelic and Progressive Eras 1963-1976, Vernon Joynson ISBN 1 899855 04 1

8 04 2010

Hi Alan, yeah, I considered ‘999’ – it’s very hard to come up with that ‘definitive’ set when the entire Roden canon is so varied, and so good, isn’t it?

14 04 2010

This is fascinating
However – am surprised that ‘Amber Moon’ isn’t on your list, one of the defining Bronco moments… surely?

21 04 2010

Hi Kev.

Yes I have a couple of suggestions.

I know it states that repeats are being avoided but I really feel that the Live version of Desperado and Big Sally should be included, they are performed in a different way to the studio versions and I believe have much more strength and feeling to them.


5 05 2010

And ‘sudden street’ Ace of sunlight surely? So many favourites. Oh and ‘old broadway’ Rivits

30 10 2012

Koss’ Moulten Gold – has to be one of the greats

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