A tribute to Jess Roden – Sweet Danger

29 06 2010

I finally finished the track this afternoon – one of my favourites – from the amazing ‘Butts Band’ album. I’ve occasionally played this just with an acoustic guitar on one or two solo shows here in Spain, but I really wanted to try and put a version down in the studio. I didn’t listen to the original while I worked on this,  I didn’t want to copy it note for note, rather do my own take on it. I’ve chucked in acoustic and electric guitars, electric piano, hammond, and a few other bits and pieces. All vocals and instrumentation is by yours truly, so therefore all mistakes are also! So here it is, tipping my hat to one the UK’s greatest ever vocalists……“Sweet Danger”.

Kev Moore




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29 06 2010

Hi Kev …. may I be one of the first to congratulate you on a fabulous tribute – its a great song and you have done it proud mate – great vocal, performance & production.

With a few more like this in the bag by members of the blog maybe we could put a tribute album together.

Cheers – J

29 06 2010

J – Very kind words mate, thank you! I had a blast doing it!

30 06 2010

Well done Kev, a real gem,, Jess will be chuffed.


30 06 2010

YouTube helped me to discover Jess Roden with some very nice songs like Brand New Start or Misty Roses ; it’s with pleasure I listened to them ; indeed, Jess Roden is a great vocalist and I think your song is a very smart tribute to him.

1 07 2010

Thanks Nick, and Joel…great that you’ve discovered him! – and thanks for the compliment.

2 07 2010

Thanks, Kev.

2 07 2010

My pleasure!

10 11 2010
Geoff Miller

Jess has been a big fave since I was a young bloke (a long time!). i have been trying to track down a copy of his appearance on The Old Grey Whistle Test – any leads?

23 05 2011
Allan Bishop

Nice version kev hope we can meet up sometime

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