Two glimpses into the genius that is Jess

28 03 2011

It’s been a long journey, since starting a humble blog extolling the vocal virtues of one Jess Roden. Along the way, many other like-minded folk have joined that journey. Some more directly connected to the story than others, but all sharing one thing: the ability to recognize and appreciate one of the outstanding vocal talents of our time.

Now, the journey is nearing the end….and perhaps another one is beginning. Just up around the bend, the promise of a release so all-encompassing, that we will finally get to hear the wealth of this man’s work in all its glory. This is from a time when only talent would get you through the door. Read about the project at Neil Storey’s excellent blog HERE, & HERE For my part, I invite you to listen…….

Kev Moore

(Previously published in moore:music)