Only one hour to go!!! Jess Roden Anthology ordering starts 12 noon UK time!

12 11 2012


Don’t delay, only 950 copies of this beautiful anthology will be printed and  individually numbered. This is your chance to get a hold of the definitive collection by one of the U.K’s finest ever vocalists – Jess Roden. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a copy of this career=defining collection!

Kev Moore


It’s almost time…..

11 11 2012

The Definitive Anthology of the definitive British vocalist will be available to pre-order from PLEDGE MUSIC tomorrow, at Noon. Don’t miss this opportunity to re-acquaint yourself with, or discover for the first time, one of the UK’s finest vocal talents and all his works.


Just click on the Pledge music symbol below and follow the links:

Kev Moore

And so it is revealed…and the day is almost upon us….

9 11 2012

A peek behind the curtain at the treasures in store on this wonderful collection of a master vocalist’s canon, spanning three decades and beyond…

Just click on the image to see what delights await! -and don’t forget – ordering commences at noon on Monday, November 12th for this strictly limited (950 hand-numbered copies) edition.

Get ta steppin’!!

Kev Moore

The Ultimate Jess Roden Anthology is upon us!

30 10 2012

Several years in the planning, and decades in the creation, the project to realize the definitive collection of this seminal British vocalist’s body of work is finally coming to fruition. You can obtain a piece of musical history via the good people at Pledge Music, wherever you are in the world. The JR PledgeMusic page will go live at 12 noon on Monday, November 12th, at which point you will be able to place an order for this strictly limited edition collectors piece. There will be 950 hand-numbered copies only! In the meantime, you can whet your appetite with a free mp3 download of ‘Song 3’, the first treasure unearthed in this labour of love. Just click on the image below:

Kev Moore


24 10 2012


And… so it begins… at long last!

Two glimpses into the genius that is Jess

28 03 2011

It’s been a long journey, since starting a humble blog extolling the vocal virtues of one Jess Roden. Along the way, many other like-minded folk have joined that journey. Some more directly connected to the story than others, but all sharing one thing: the ability to recognize and appreciate one of the outstanding vocal talents of our time.

Now, the journey is nearing the end….and perhaps another one is beginning. Just up around the bend, the promise of a release so all-encompassing, that we will finally get to hear the wealth of this man’s work in all its glory. This is from a time when only talent would get you through the door. Read about the project at Neil Storey’s excellent blog HERE, & HERE For my part, I invite you to listen…….

Kev Moore

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A tribute to Jess Roden – Sweet Danger

29 06 2010

I finally finished the track this afternoon – one of my favourites – from the amazing ‘Butts Band’ album. I’ve occasionally played this just with an acoustic guitar on one or two solo shows here in Spain, but I really wanted to try and put a version down in the studio. I didn’t listen to the original while I worked on this,  I didn’t want to copy it note for note, rather do my own take on it. I’ve chucked in acoustic and electric guitars, electric piano, hammond, and a few other bits and pieces. All vocals and instrumentation is by yours truly, so therefore all mistakes are also! So here it is, tipping my hat to one the UK’s greatest ever vocalists……“Sweet Danger”.

Kev Moore