Adorning my walls….

17 05 2013


Finally got around to framing and hanging the two hand-numbered prints from The Jess Roden Anthology, and very cool they look too, taking pride of place in my Studio entrance hall!

As for the collection itself, it continues to amaze and delight. Have you got a copy of the Anthology? Why not share your thoughts on it with us on here!

STOP PRESS: Click on the Hidden Masters logo below and find out about Jess’s first radio interview in 35 years!


Kev Moore


Stuck for a Christmas Prezzie? Give the Gift of the Voice; The Jess Roden Anthology

13 12 2012


You want to be the person that gets remembered for giving something that is extra-special this Christmas?  Why not join the successful Jess Roden Pledge campaign and secure for your loved one a limited edition of this hugely talented singer’s fine body of work. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. You’d probably better order two, because once you’ve heard it, you’ll want to keep it for yourself….

Click on the icon below to find out more!


Kev Moore


60% and counting! – The interest in the Jess Roden Anthology continues to grow….

15 11 2012

They are out there. The Connoiseurs. The Astute. The true music fans. The ones who instinctively know something is good from the first note. Many of them are of a certain age now. But they don’t forget. They have long memories. Rich memories. And they remember Jess Roden. They remember that voice. Whether it be backed by the cream of New Orleans, delivering a ballad to take your breath away, or by the mighty funk and swagger of the Jess Roden Band, the vocals roaring out above them, this was a man with something special. His career reads like few others, spanning more than thirty years and collaborations with a host of other artists, so there was sure to be something special lurking in the vaults. Add that possibility to the chance to preserve and digitize some of his best known works, and you have a mouthwatering selection now on offer from Pledge music in a host of personalized formats that indeed do justice to the rich legacy of Jess Roden’s recording years.

Hidden Masters in conjunction with Pledge Music have prepared a strictly limited edition release of the Jess Roden Anthology, comprising 950 hand-numbered copies. The Pledge site has only been active since 12 noon on Monday 12th November, and has already realized 60% of its target, which means this little piece of music history is being snapped up fast! Order your copy today and re-live, or perhaps discover for the first time, just how good this guy is.

Order by clicking on the Pledge music symbol below, or visit

Kev Moore

And so it is revealed…and the day is almost upon us….

9 11 2012

A peek behind the curtain at the treasures in store on this wonderful collection of a master vocalist’s canon, spanning three decades and beyond…

Just click on the image to see what delights await! -and don’t forget – ordering commences at noon on Monday, November 12th for this strictly limited (950 hand-numbered copies) edition.

Get ta steppin’!!

Kev Moore

The Ultimate Jess Roden Anthology is upon us!

30 10 2012

Several years in the planning, and decades in the creation, the project to realize the definitive collection of this seminal British vocalist’s body of work is finally coming to fruition. You can obtain a piece of musical history via the good people at Pledge Music, wherever you are in the world. The JR PledgeMusic page will go live at 12 noon on Monday, November 12th, at which point you will be able to place an order for this strictly limited edition collectors piece. There will be 950 hand-numbered copies only! In the meantime, you can whet your appetite with a free mp3 download of ‘Song 3’, the first treasure unearthed in this labour of love. Just click on the image below:

Kev Moore